The Beginning

Some of the hardest work you will do in the gym will be in your mind. Some of the biggest battles I have had, in and outside of the gym, has been with mind-set. This includes taking the leap to get started. “I don’t know where to start?” “I’m not sure what I am doing”. All of the biggest fitness professionals and athletes in the world at some point, didn’t know what they were doing. What separate them is mind-set and dedication. Take that leap.

Walking into the gym for the first time. Signing up for your first yoga class. Think of it this way. Doing that, that small step. Stepping forward to say you are ready, puts you, mentally, amongst the elite, the conscious and the willing. This is the step you will look back at as the beginning of it all. How exciting is that! This thing you are doing now. Could be the thing you look back at and say “that’s where it all started!”. So why wait? Why tomorrow? Why not now?

What small thing can you do today that can help your “tomorrow”? Choosing a water at lunch instead of a cola. Walking home instead of the bus. Joining the local gym. Or reading up on part time courses you can take to help you in your desired career. Watching a youtube clip on a new exercise on your commute home. Calf raises at the bus stop!

So I’ll leave you with this thought.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

I doesn’t have to be “I wish” or “I hope”. It can be “I will” and “I am”.


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