I’m not going to settle for settling..

I have started this blog not at the very beginning of my journey nor at the end. It’s not even one single journey. It’s several. Mind, body, fitness, nutrition and even my career.

About 14 months ago I started making massive changes to my lifestyle and that is the best way to describe it. I didn’t start a juice diet or a 6 week “get your bikini body”. Starting a diet implies there is no longevity. I wanted more. I decided to change my life. I decided I deserved better. My mind and body deserved better. Better than not being able to achieve its full potential, better than feeding it food that makes it ill and not function efficiently.

My biggest change was time. I regularly used time as an excuse. I didn’t have enough of it. The biggest change was making time. Easy as that. I made time. No excuses. I made time in the morning to prepare a full breakfast, sort out my shakes and snacks. I made time on a Sunday afternoon to prep weekly healthy and balanced meals. I made time in the evenings to work out and lift. Even if some evenings I only had half an hour, I made sure I used that 30 minutes. For me, the way I decided if I had time, was if I had time to watch TV or procrastinate by flicking through social media or a magazine….. there was time to go to the gym. There are 24/7 gyms everywhere now and if not, all you need is some space in a living room or outside. I had no excuse. The health food industry is at an all-time high. Healthy foods, organic produce, grass fed meats are far more readily available than they have ever been. There is information everywhere on net, research, forums, blogs and social media with great knowledge articles and recipe ideas. Just be conscious of what you are eating, be curious, look at what’s in the ingredients.

As much as I work my body, I like to work on my mind too. Sounds cliché but it’s true. Like I said in my previous blog, a massive amount of the battle is mind-set. Some of my biggest limitations are in my mind. I see a therapist once a week. Yep I really do. Not because there something in particular in my recent years has caused me trauma but because I was no longer prepared to settle for feeling just “okay”.

I was settling. I accepted my body was all it could be and mentally this is just how I was supposed to feel. Physically I accepted feeling sluggish and bloated. I am no longer settling for just that. My body is capable of much more. I am capable of feeling physically and mentally more energetic and alert. I capable of being happier and I am capable of having a career of my choice.

So are you! You do not have to settle!

There are no limitations apart from the ones you set yourself!


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