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Verb- “to make or become different”

Noun- “an act or process through which something becomes different.”

The last few months have been an absolute whirlwind of change, growth and  learning. Change is something that I have always thought I had embraced. It was only until recently that I discovered that for me, change in my life has generally been a negative. Something that I have not chosen, or I should say, has generally been chosen for me. The changes I have made have been adaptations I have had to make. The recent changes in my life have been choices. Choices that take courage, confidence and strength. Change is something that happens when you are not ready to settle any more. When you have decided you deserve more, that you want more in any aspect of your life. Real change happens when you are ready to go get it.

We seem to live in a state of wanting, hoping and wondering but not actually doing. I hear people talk about their goals, as if they are dreams and are unobtainable. They talk about what they “wanted” to do with there life or what they “wanted” to be, in the past tense. As if all possibility is gone. As if this is unachievable. Most of us naturally seek consistency, stability, sometimes even in an environment that is detrimental to us purely because it is the known. Change can be scary. Change means something is uncertain. As soon as you realise that nothing is set in stone, nothing is certain, anything can happen. Change takes place. Change means things can be different.

One way to commit to change it to set goals. To make steps towards those goals at any chance you are able to. Any steps count, whether it’s a leap or a baby step. It is better than standing still or even going backwards! Every goal is important. Big or Small. To be fair, “size” of the goal doesn’t matter because it is yours. If you own it and it’s yours, it is important. Whether your goal is to become a primary school teacher, a football coach, Mr Olympia, to generally eat healthier, to be able to walk up the stairs with out being out of breath or to loose 5 lbs. These are all important and all more than achievable, if you make the changes.

Making a change means learning to love yourself. Don’t apologise for loving you. Make you a priority, look after yourself. Eat well, and move. One saying I have heard for before which I always follow is “Don’t diet and exercise, eat and train”. You are important. Don’t settle for less than you want or deserve. Have some faith in yourself, don’t sell yourself short. You have something unique to offer the world.

We have 24 hours in a day, (although some days, I have to admit I would love to have a couple more) Have you done something today that will help you achieve your goal? Don’t get me wrong there have been days I have sat in bed watching Star Wars in my PJ’s! But there are still small changes you can make in that day that you can be thankful for tomorrow. What changes can you make right now to move you in the direct you want. Stop hoping and start doing.

If You Change Nothing…

Nothing Will Change.





Taylor @tgmfitnesselite



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