Everyone has a fitness story. Mine doesn’t start with being overweight, or postpartum or pre-diabetic. But I was at a time in my life that I know almost everyone reading this will relate too… I was uncomfortable in my body and in my mind. I was in an a good job, earning pretty good money for my age, working hard and climbing a corporate ladder. But I spent most of my days feeling lost and unsettled. I was uninspired, and looking back, in comparison to how I feel today, I was depressed.

I won’t go into depth about the challenges in my childhood and teenage years or give my full life story but I’ll give you a snippet.

As a teen I was incredibly slender and fit. I earned black belt in kickboxing at 14 and fought competitively for many years. But then then there was exams, then boys and pizza and everything seemed more interesting than the regimented structure of training.

As it always does, it caught up with me. I put on weight. My clothes didn’t fit. I never really took any notice because I wasn’t exactly big! My face got rounder and I turned to food for every occasion. If I was happy, “let’s go out for dinner”.  If I was sad, “a lets have something naughty tonight”. I wish I was but I am not the kind of person who eats to live. I have always been emotionally attached to food. I live to eat.

This all leads to my infamous photo. I say infamous, there are some people who would scold me for this being my before photo… but its is! I know some of you will have experienced this. The turning point. I saw a wonderfully smiley faced photo of myself at a close friend’s wedding. And I was mortified. My face was a completely different shape as was my body. I barely recognised myself. I hadn’t even noticed! Nor my partner!

That was it. Mentally and physically I was ready to make a change. What that change was I was unsure but I was ready. In June 2014 I decided to join the gym. As much as I had been training for kickboxing as a teen I had no idea what to do in order to lose weight at a gym. Fairly clueless, walking uncomfortably in spandex I walked into the gym.

I jogged….I did sit ups… not a lot happened if I’m honest. I then met a PT who introduced me to lifting weights and that is where it all started. Sounds like a start of a cheesy romance novel. But it’s true. It was then I found drive. A place just for me, to set goals and targets to exceed. Build confidence. Build strength. My body changed and my mind followed. So this is where it starts. I’m putting my journey out to you. The big wide world.


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